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G17 provides a range of networking services, from LAN cable installations, phone and wireless

We provide structred cabling services, phone and wireless networks as well as diagnostics and testing of any installed infrastructure

With such a vast range of networking technologies, choosing the right networking solution for your home or business can be a daunting task.

G17 has over 25 years of networking experience and can help you make the right informed decision on what network solution is right for you. From public internet access, network cabling and home wireless installation, G17 can help you get the most out of your network. Not only are we happy to guide, assist or install your network from new, we also provide a network diagnostic service making sure your network performs at its best. Home wireless networks Business network infrastructure, wireless, CAT5E & 6E Public wifi access Wifi for open areas, parks, garden centres etc Farm automation – linking buildings and much more.

Not only can we provide a networking solution to meet your needs, as we also provide other I.T services, we can deliver the whole package, from workstation, server, NAS, CCTV to helping you connect to 3rd party suppliers.

Wi-Fi Analysis

G17 also provides a Wi-Fi and report analysis service. Wi-Fi dead spots, interference from other sources, rogue access points, intermittent dropouts, roaming and much more. More Information by clicking here

Network services

Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
quality components

We don't use the most expensive devices, but we also don't use the cheapest. Our ideal is to make sure that once we have installed your network, you don't need to call us again - it just works :)

Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
heterogeneouse networks

Combining the best in networking solutions to seamlessly integrate into any home or business infrastructure

Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
network diagnostics

Full LAN cable fault identification, wireless network channel collisions and performance checking.

Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
remote access

Road Warriors and site to site VPN's ideal for accessing your files while away from the office or extending your network over the internet securely.