computing services covering Mid wales & shropshire

Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire

Home Computing, Laptops,  Gaming PC's,  Workstations & Servers

We provide a wide range of custom made computers, as well as highstreet brands including - workstations, laptops, NAS and servers.

From simple small form factor internet surfing machines to the highest spec gaming monster, office workstation deployment and server technologies - get in contact with us, whatever your requirements, we'd love to hear from you

Studio music production PC's with chosen hardware designed around latency values, RAID and Linux server pre-staging ready for deployment, office PC's networked for accounting and central database connectivity for typical installations such as Vet I.T systems, agricultural database systems, accountancy and much more.

Operating system upgrades, for example, Windows 7 to Windows 10, local and networked backups, data restoration and data destruction service.

Our custom PC's are built on an individual basis. We don't offer a standard package as such, but do offer a package built around your requirement. Each PC will be different from the rest as we cherry pick the right components to meet your needs in terms of performance and price while ensuring a high quality end product.
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computing services & Custom Builds

Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
custom builds

We provide bespoke builds to suit your needs. From 4 cores to 16, whatever your requirements, get in contact with us and we would be happy to advice and put together something to suit your needs      

Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
various cooling options 

With a wide range of performance options and environmental requirements we can design systems around performance while not becoming distracting through fan noise.


Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
stylish designs    

As our PC's are custom built, we use a wide range of case styles to suit your needs. From office, studio, home and workshops, we build our PC's to suit the environment they will be placed in   

Computing Services Mid Wales & Shropshire

All our builds and designs use quality components throughout. We believe that once a PC is delivered it should provide years of reliable service. All builds are soak tested for 48hrs before dispatch.