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CCTV Services Mid Wales & Shropshire

G17 CCTV services covers a vast range of products incorporating the latest in technological advances in video transmission and recording.

CCTV Services Mid Wales & ShropshireWhat was once the luxury of large corporate organisations costing thousands to deploy, CCTV, through advances in technology and mass production, is now an affordable option to schools, shops, homes and much more. With the conversion from traditional analogue systems to digital, CCTV is an economical option in protecting and monitoring property and activity.

G17 offers a wide range of CCTV installation options to suit your needs, from basic CCTV system set ups to advanced site to site deployments using a range of communication media from Coax, CAT5 and wireless transmission.


G17 CCTV system installation offers a range of installation options from Dome Camera’s, PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) bullet and covert. To complement our range of CCTV systems we also offer a range of “Add On’s”.

One of these is a Voice Off Panel – a handy recording package that can connect to a range of systems including alarm panels & CCTV recorder alarm inputs. For example, if an alarm was being sounded from your premises, most passers-by would ignore thinking this as a false alarm. An alarm panel can connect to 1 of many voice off inputs and trigger audio playback, for example, “The alarm has been triggered, please call my office on this number… or, the police.

CCTV Services Mid Wales & Shropshire

Another example is CCTV camera activation on a shop front, when an unattended service area CCTV camera is triggered the voice off panel could say, thank you for popping in, we are aware you are here, please help yourself to a free coffee and someone will be with you in a moment”. At the same time, a voice off panel in the back office would also have been triggered saying, “There is a customer at reception”

Another popular service is remote monitoring. Our CCTV systems come with an option to remotly monitor your installation from anywhere in the world. Apps are avaialbe to download onto your phone or tablet.

G17 does not use remote monitoring cloud platforms. All remote access is to your individual CCTV recorder, so if you are a public service provider and have an obligation to keep all of your data within the UK or Europe, our CCTV installation is just right for you.

G17 regularly take part in training courses to keep up to date with the latest requirements and products so that we can provide you with the best system to suit your needs plus provide you with the confidence that you are getting the very best for your money.

cctv services

CCTV Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
remote access

Secure CCTV remote monitoring. A convenient way to monitor your site from anywhere in the world.

CCTV Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
see in the dark cameras

A range of high quality cameras to suit your needs from colour night time vision to IR B&W

CCTV Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
evidence submission

G17 can help you obtain evidence ready for submission in a format acceptable by law enforcement agencies.

CCTV Services Mid Wales & Shropshire
varied range of cameras

CCTV recorders and cameras for all situations. IP rated, secure and reliable.