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A brand new site design for the Welshpool Camera Club to attract more members and adapt across various device screen sizes. A modern fresh design based on the bootstrap framework.

Local farmer with an extensive range of farm machinery approached G17 with an enquiry for CCTV repair on a system that had been installed over 5 years ago. G17 carried out a survey and agreed to try and get all 10-camera’s working plus CCTV recorder. The recorder would not view any images from any of the camera and was also not recording.
Further investigation revealed that the hard drives had failed and internal fan had stopped working. Luckily all that was wrong with the camera were bad joints and power feed failures. Three cameras are PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) so the data pair had to also be checked for continuity and data. A With 2 new CCTV compatible hard drives installed, a new fan and a software update the CCTV was as good as new. Old taped joints replaced with grease filled crimps and new power feeds all 10 cameras are now working. Our client was impressed with the success rate of the repairs and we are now in the process of alarming some of the offsite lock ups - deploying some very useful technology....

Below - one of the PTZ camera being tested.

Large business requiring remote monitoring and diagnostics of boiler functions and performance. Along with this G17 also provided access to boiler email functions so various employees and boiler engineers will have immediate access to error reports simultaneously


Jane Air Website

Customer required a clean simple layout site with the ability to add a blog and photographs as required. As this was a new business venture there was also a requirement to provide a range of high quality photographs to show various hairstyles. Two models were also hired along with appropriate attire to suit and promote the business brand.

Wireless Connection

Newtown Council












G17 is proud to have become supplier of choice for Newtown Council IT and telecommunications infrastructure......
“The migration to modern and manageable technologies has given Newtown Council greater flexibility and efficiency to meet the needs of the councils work and services.
Ed Humphreys,Town Clerk, added “winning this bid owes much to G17’s specialist knowledge, ease of use and cost.
The project was deployed on time despite very tight timescales, in a quality manner and with no interruption to the normal running of the office”.
“The solution proposed by G17, backed by its expertise and by G17’s commitment to deliver everything on time has made what could have been a complex deployment - a seemless and delightful experience"


My client needed lights for her stables in readiness for the winter and dark nights. She explained that her stables are in a field miles away from any power, she was using a torch through the winter - this year she nearly broke her arm having tripped up in the dark so came to G17 for a solution.

G17 carried out a survey, using lights powered from a car battery would be ok but to get enough power meant using thick cable and a risk of heat or overheating and little protection if the wires got cut or short cct for any reason, so G17 suggested an off grid mains solution. This uses an invertor, power from a 12v leisure battery stepped up to 250v mains voltage, utilising A rated energy efficient lights, 5 in total - the whole system uses very little power, no risk of overheating and full protection from an RCD consumer unit as well as IP rated lights, switches and cables.

On a full charge the off grid system can deliver around 4hrs per day for around 2 weeks powering the lights - plus our client can use the set up to plug kettles, radios, chargers, clippers, mobile phones and a range of household appliance as you would do at home. The option to install solar panals is also being considered pending the ease of taking the battery away for recharging come the next winter. A solar panel will mean the battery is topped up with charge when not in use.


Montgomery Town Council

Montgomery Wales

A website requiring up to date information, a Town Hall booking system, User up datable Events Calendar, photographic displays accessible across all internet devices, independent upload of relevant documentation, minutes, newsletters, email systems and adherence to strict Internet security standards


A redesigned website closely following national styles but keeping individuality. Requirements are for a member login up datable "Latest News" section, photographic galleries, unit post code locator with the ability to provide google map directions for events and meetings.

Postcode locator

High Definition CCTV Installation with remote monitoring

Remote boiler monitoring system

VHS to DVD Historical Archive

Online room booking calendar with intergrated secure payment system