Latest Scams to watch out for......

A few of our customers are getting these types of emails.
I little hoover over the link reveals anything but an English Court of Law.
Another indication that this is a scam is by looking at the email address -it's not to you or anyone, there is also no address, contact number. Please delete.

Had one of these? It's a scam. This one wants to get hold of your email address and password. If you hoover over the link you'll see an address that does not go to a proper BT email logon - see screen shot.

Banner pops up to say you've been looking at Adult Content and need to pay a fine. Ignore it, don't pay, if you had committed a crime you would not get a banner or warning come up on your screen, you'd get a knock on the door.
This one is a bit tricky to get rid of, recommend you call us as even running some anti virus software does not seem to get rid of the banner or any underlying rogue applications that may be revealing your on-line activity such as banking or logging into various shopping account. Some won't harm the contents of your PC but needs a little registry restoration to get you back to normal running, although there is a new strain based on this one but it's nasty.

This new one gives you a banner warning but also warns that if you do not pay up within 30 days or so then all of your files will be encrypted - and they are. The only way to get them back is to pay the asking price where you will be sent a key to unlock the encryption to get your files back. Some people pay up but experts warn this could also leave your PC open to other security holes installed by the encryption process - our recommendation, will its a tough one. If you have backed up all of your files then you have a chance of recovery, it will mean a complete wipe of your hard drive and OS reinstalling plus all of your applications and files.

If you do become a victim of this encryption ransomeware and you see the banner, disconnect from your home network and the internet and disconnect any attached external hard drives that you may be using, this nasty piece of software has a habit of searching for any attached storage, locally or over the network and encrypting them as well.

Had a call from an Indian sounding technical center? Been told that they have been informed that your PC has a virus affecting one of their servers, if yes to any of these, just simply hang up. This is a phone scam and they are trying to get money out of you. In fact, don't even entertain any conversation from any of these operatives, if you are ever unsure about the security of your PC - get in contact with a professional, G17 for example.

Please don't be fooled by these people

  1. Hang up straight away!
  2. If you installed software or allowed access to files - bring your PC to G17, depending on the type of program installed or files modified by our friendly caller, there may be a chance of a quick removal and clean including check to make sure all traces of the caller's software are not on your PC
  3. If the program is embedded into the operating system, a mob up will be attempted but 9/10 it is far better to back up user files, format the hard drive, reload the operating system, virus check and reload all applications. This takes time, will cost you more money and is very inconvenient to you.
  4. If they convinced you to pay up then call your bank as soon as you can, say you've been scammed - you may be entitled to claim the loss back.

For more information on the above related scam, please look at the following links:

The Guardian - Article in the subject

Action Fraud - been affected - then report it

From the Horses Mouth - A blog set up by an ex-employee of the company running these scams. Full details on the process and how to get yourself out of a tricky situation. Not sure how long this blog will stay active as s/he is taking a bit of a risk - but worth reading.

WinXP support has ended as from April 2014. So what does this mean for you and an awful lot of other people. You will know you no longer have support by seeing a pop up message either on your screen or through Microsoft Security Essentials if you use that. At first it looks a bit like a scam, you'd think MS would come up with something a bit more graceful - it's not. If your running an old PC with Windows XP MS suggest you either purchase a new one or upgrade your old one to Win 8.1 and this would seem like it's your only choice - but it's not. You could continue to run WinXP as long as you use an up to date antivirus and firewall package. Why would you want to keep XP, well it could be that you don't want to endure a steep learning curve that is required with Win 8, you like WinXP.
You may have some programs that will not run on Win 8. So what are the choices, well, in full - listed below:

  • Pay out around £70 for Win 8.1 and upgrade your old PC.
    *(If compatible)
  • Buy a new PC that comes with Win 8.1
  • If you like the look and feel of WinXP, purchase Win 7
  • **Purchase a good Home Security Suite

* Take the upgrade test from Microsoft to see if your PC meets the minimum requirements

** Any operating system needs to be kept up to date with the latest patches, you can get WinXP to run a little longer but unless you disconnect from the internet you will be wise to start thinking about replacing it fairly soon.

Of course we can, if you would like to discuss how to make the move from WinXP to Win7 or Win8 then please get in contact. We can provide help on how to go about this yourself or offer to do this for you. We offer a service to check compatibility, backup files, install, restore and ensure you are up to date with the latest updates and have a computer fit for purpose.

Please keep in mind any new upgrade - the jump from WinXP to Win8 is a good example, requires a time of re-learning. For those moving from WinXP to Win7 the learning curve is not that bad but sometime those upgrading to Win8 move to Win7! But help is always at hand and with Montycourses offering a range of courses based on Win7 and Win8 you won't struggle for long.