G17 - What our customers say

"The insight given into security was excellent, the practical were very enlightening - Adam has a good presentation style" - P. Fergusson

"The course was well structured and provided in-depth knowledge in an interesting, engaging and interactive way. Adam has the rare ability of keeping everybody on board - Simply fantastic" - C. Lis

I've done everything you suggested: Avira has been reinstalled and so far there have been no problems. I've done several updates and multiple system shutdowns in-between and the taskbar and desktop hasn't failed once. The whole process went really smoothly during the uninstallation and even the windows updates. I'll be watching it for a while before finally breathing easier once again - it appears that whatever was going wrong has been fixed.  I am just so grateful for your advice - Dave"

"Hi Adam, you will be pleased to know that the problem I had has ended good, I have not been charged anything on my credit card  as a result of your independent letter so all is well and I am happy. Hope I never get in this mess again. Thanks. Joan"